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Edited by Peter Bloore and Edward Martin, 2015. The 650th anniversary of the foundation of Wingfield College in 2012 was the occasion for a special two-day symposium marking the culmination of a three-year University of East Anglia research project. Wingfield was explored in the context of tis landscape, the building of the castle, church, and chantry college. This book is the result of the papers delivered at the symposium, and examines many topics which have hitherto been neglected, such as the archaeology of the castle, the complex history of the college's architecture, and the detailed study of the monuments in the church.
Compiled and edited by Jane R. Newsome, 1986 (Hard Cover). A Collection of 84 distinctive old residences and other attractions in one of Georgia's most historic towns, Washington, Wilkes County. It includes a description of the old homes and some information regarding the people who lived in them and who contributed to the history of the town.
By Lt. Col. John M. Wingfield, D.S.O, O.B.E. (1863-1931). Originally published in 1925, republished from the original and updated in 1991 by the Wingfield Family Society. It gives an insight into English life of the Wingfield family as lived in the times of the Tudors during the early part of the 16th century. It incidentally places on record the doings of a complete generation of one of the oldest Saxon families in England--the Wingfields--who at that period held many important posts both in England and on the continent. The details are mostly taken from the Harleian Manuscripts at the Record Office, and from a 1670 pedigree compiled by John Wingfield, York Herald, which was in the possession of the author of this book.
By George E. Alexander, 1986. The story of the life and times of Walter Clopton Wingfield, 1831-1912, the inventory of the game of lawn tennis. He introduced sphairistike or lawn tennis to the world in 1874.
By S.W.H. Aldwell, Vicar of Wingfield with additional notes by Jocelyn R. Wingfield. RED Hard cover, originally published in 1926, this 128 page volume was republished in 1995 by WFS.
By Gail Lee Wingfield Mansfield, 2nd Edition, (Paperback).
By Jocelyn R. Wingfield, 2007 (Paperback). The first biography of Capt. Edward Maria Wingfield (1550-1631). He was one of the four incorporators for the London Virginia Company in the Virginia Charter of 1606 and one of its biggest financial backers. He recruited (with his cousin, Captain Bartholomew Gosnold) about forty of the 104 would-be colonists, and was the only shareholder to sail to the New World. In the first election in the New World, he was elected by his peers as the 1st President of the governing council for one year beginning 13 May 1607, of what became the first successful, English-speaking colony in the New World at Jamestown, Virginia.
By Don Bamford & Paul Carroll, 2009 (Paperback). David Wingfield joined the Royal Navy in 1806 at the age of fourteen. His service took him to the Great Lakes during the War of 1812. Captured, he was a POW in the United States for nine months. Following his release, Wingfield had some intriguing adventures on the Upper Great Lakes returning to England.
By Jocelyn R. Wingfield. How a family from the small Suffolk Manor Letheringham played a fascinating part on the national stage 1358-1704
By Jocelyn R. Wingfield, 2012 (Paperback). How a local Anglo-Saxon rose in Norman run England to become the Executive Officer for the Black Prince
Editor Cheryl A. Fox, Volume XXXII Summer 1989, Number 2 (Paperback). Contents include George Wingfield's Political Machine: A Study in Historical Reputation by C. Elizabeth Raymond; George Wingfield: The Goldfield Years by Sally S. Zanjani; Wingfield and Nevada Politics - Some Observations by Jerome E. Edwards; George Wingfield's Comeback: The Getchell Mine, 1936-1945 by Cheryl A. Fox
By Jocelyn R. Wingfield, 2010 (Paperback). A register, in date sequence, spanning over 750 years, of some 500 manors where a Wingfield was Lord of the Manor.
Tickencote branch of the Wingfield family's Coat of Arms (COA). Full color, ready for framing. Complete with description
Wingfield baseball hat with Wingfield family shield on front of hat.
Wingfield travel mug with Wingfield family shield.
10 oz., white ceramic, ‘C’ handle coffee mug, with Wingfield shield
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Some Records of the Wingfield Family

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