Upton Manor, Cambridgeshire

In 1544 King Henry VIII granted Queen Jane Seymour’s former manor to Sir Robert Wingfield I (d.1576), the great great great grandfather of Thomas Wingfield of York River, Virginia (f1.1680). Sir Robert, of Wingfield House, County Middlesex, London, and his wife, Margery nee Quarles, called the Manor’s mansion house – you’ve guessed it – Wingfield Manor! This was very much a family habit.

Described by Camden as “a beau­tiful house with lovely walks.” In 1562 the second Manor of Upton was sold by John Stidolf to Sir Robert Wingfield. [Bridges, Northamptonshire, 1741, II, 575; Camden, II, 1739, 167; VCH Northants, 508]. Sir Robert’s grandson, Sir Robert Wingfield III (d.1609) sold Upton Manor to Bishop Dove in about 1600.

Laurence Tebbutt, A History of Upton Manor, in Cambs. , Huntingdon & Peterborough Life, XIV, No.169, July 1981.

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"Posse Nolle Nobile" — Latin for "To have the power without the wish is noble."

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