The White House, Easton

Yes, the Wingfields owned “The White House” – not “that one” – in the 17th Century and another one in Shrewsbury!

According to Mee it was built by Sir Anthony Wingfield, 1st Bart., in 1627.[Suffolk, 1941, 135].

According to Comthorp, Sir Henry Wingfield, 5th Baronet, 1655-dsp. 1712), sold Letheringham and Easton “about 1700” to the Earl of Rochfort in the reign of William III (1688-1702).

But we know from WFS MS02/1708, the Letheringham Sale Document, that he sold them all in 1708 to Ann Wroth, spinster, (Executors: John Wroth of Loughton, Essex, William son of “the late” Anthony Guidott, both of Lincoln’s Inn, John Morley of Halsted, Essex, and the duel-crazy young gambler, the Right Honourable Charles Lord Mohun, Baron Oakhampton in 1708) for 23,215 pounds sterling, a stupendous sum.

Was Ann his lover? Can you work it out from WFS Manuscript MS04/1708?

[Comthorp’s “Ex.l Baronetcy”, pp.212-218q. in Muniments, p.32; WFS MSO4/1708, 13 pages].

"Posse Nolle Nobile" — Latin for "To have the power without the wish is noble."

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