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War of the Roses – Wingfield Connection

By Josephine H. Wasson Scarcely had the Hundred Years’ War ended in England when the rival interests of York and Lancaster were involved in the 30 year struggle known as the Wars of the Roses. These civil wars came about as the descendants of Edward III claimed the throne of

Line of Frances Cromwell

Grandmother of Thomas Wingfield of York River, VA By Josephine H. Wasson Henry VIII, grandson of our Wingfield ancestor Queen Elizabeth Woodville, con­sort of Edward IV, was one of England’s ablest, but most tyrannical rulers. Though he is remembered mainly for his numerous wives and for separating the Church of

John Wingfield, York Herald

Kinship, Marriage, Patronship and Career By Marvin Wingfield  Careers in England after the fire of 1660 were determined by family connections and patronage relationships to key figures who held power of appointment to institutional positions. There were networks of allegiances, ties of patronage and kinship within the circles of aristocratic

Execution of Mary Queen of Scots

History’s Eye Witness Account, 8 February 1587 By Robert Wingfield (Edited by Jocelyn Wingfield, 8 July, 1987) For years Queen Elizabeth of England hesitated to have Mary Queen of Scots executed or assassinated. In 1569-70 and 1584-85, she was held prisoner at Wingfield Manor, near North and South Wingfield, Derbyshire

Vance Wingfield Goes Out On A Limb

By Bob Carr A manorial lordship of the Manor of Wingfield went on the auction block at Bernard Thorpe in London on November 8, 1989. George Wingfield of Shepton Mallet (Devonshire) notified Vance Wingfield, our genial computer/genealogy expert from Ft Worth, Tx, about the opportunity and Vance felt it should

Wingfield Ghost

The Preston Hall Shropshire Wingfield Ghost Peregrina Wingfield, 1675 By Jocelyn Wingfield Preston Hall at Preston Brockhurst, Shropshire, a dozen or so miles north of both the city of Shrewsbury and of Onslow, is the magnificent house, which (ca.1640-1780, 250 acres), belonged to the ancestors of Major Walter C. Wingfield,

"Posse Nolle Nobile" — Latin for "To have the power without the wish is noble."

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